Sometimes our purpose is discovered from realizing what we need.

As a single parent of an extremely busy 9 year old, who can I trust to safely assist in transporting him to school, baseball, tutoring, play dates, and all of his other activities? For years, family was my answer.  We have decided to expand that idea and watch our family grow, and, by linking you to us, to help families everywhere with the crazy schedules we all have.

As a family, we brainstormed and considered all the great benefits we would want for our kids, and developed a list of options to provide for our VanGeaux Families.

  • CPR/First-Aid certified drivers
  • Cold waters always on hand
  • Morning snack with drop off (i.e. fresh fruit, granola bars, etc.)*
  • Afternoon snack with pick up (i.e. chips, cookies, trail mix, etc.)* 
         *please inform us of any allergies
  • Text alert when your kid has arrived to his/her destination
  • Custom scheduling with staff
  • Flexible payment options
  • Extensive safety training
  • GPS tracked vehicles
  • Car seats & booster seats available

We will pick up and drop off  at various activities in the New Orleans area. VanGeaux is a safe, reliable, and economical way to help you manage the transportation needs of your children when you are not able to do so. We have a variety of pricing plans to fit everyone's schedule and budget.

       Call today to find the plan that works best for you!